Local Initiatives

Cargill in the Philippines is very active in the local communities and schools. Employees raise funds to respond to disasters, medical outreach, and other community needs. Cargill Cares and business units will match all employee contributions. Here are a few of the other programs we support:

The Food for Hungry Minds School (FHMS) was established in 2006 by collaboration between the Food for Hungry Minds organization based in Minneapolis and Cargill. Located in Bulacan, we support 30 children of poor families from Grade 4 to Grade 6.

In addition to the educational training, the children are provided nutritious food at school and annual medical examinations.  Extra-curricular activities like field trips and summer camps are included in the school schedule for well-rounded development. These children have shown remarkable results in the subjects of English, Science and Math. Our graduates continue to achieve high performance in high school and are supported through funds raised in collaboration with other corporate organizations like Navitaire, Accenture, and General Mills (who are also part of the local FHMS).  

Our employees gain their own social awareness benefits by volunteering and raising funds for their identified FHMS program or activities for the children. This behavior is supportive of Cargill business efforts to create social responsibility in the communities where we do business.  Employees also support activities like summer camps, tutoring sessions on special topics, and fund raising.

The Cargill Cares Scholarship program in General Santos City was established in 1998, where over 180 students were supported through high school. Students who graduate in the top two of their class continue to be supported through college, provided they maintain a high scholastic performance. Currently, Cargill Philippines has hired four scholars who graduated as engineers and accountants.

The program is managed by a committee of employees who volunteer their time in administering qualifying exams, background investigations, monitoring school performance, tutoring and fund raising. Employees have the option to pledge an amount through salary deduction or contribution to an ongoing fund raising program.

Cargill partners with the Philippine National Red Cross blood donation program. Donations are done twice a year, with at least one event occurring at the same time as Safety Day. An average of 35 people participate annually. Employees also respond to blood donation requirements for family members needing blood. In addition, the Philippine National Red Cross extends training to Cargill employees on first-aid skills and evacuation during calamities and typhoons.

Annual medical missions are funded by Cargill business units in the communities where they serve. At least 500 adult and pediatric patients are assisted in every mission by a doctor consultation or prescribed medicine.

Cargill employees volunteer to  repair schools, provide tutorials, raise funds, and support summer camps and school activities.

Funds raised by Cargill employees are used to respond to local disaster situations and relief goods distribution.

This program aims to improve the quality of coconut oil and copra meal that can pass the Food Safety standards of customers.  To date, Cargill has made available over 300 Kukum dryers around the General Santos area.  Incentives, by way of price premiums, are given to farmers for producing white copra using these dryers - a win-win situation for farmers and the plant.