Learning and Development

Maximizing Employee Competencies

At Cargill we are committed to attracting, retaining and training high performing people who embrace the company’s vision and values. The means to achieve this is by maximizing training and development to ensure that employees have the competencies required to accomplish their business objectives as well as develop their career in the company. Training opportunities include on-the-job learning, participating in company programmes and courses, and attending external programmes based on nomination by managers and/or peers.

Employees also participate in performance management programmes to create a road map for their individual success at Cargill and alignment with organizational goals.

Formal Education and Training

Cargill attaches vital importance to management and staff education and training. It is Cargill’s policy to have appropriate training plans in place to ensure employees are trained for better skills, abilities and higher productivity. Managers are responsible for determining the training needs in their businesses, divisions or departments. The input to assess the training needs come from various processes including Business Planning, Recruitment, Performance Management programme, Career Development Program, and Cargill Leadership Talent Management process.

Career Development

Cargill strongly encourages internal promotion of qualified employees. Based on demonstrated individual achievement and performance, employees can expect progression opportunities to arise, including assignments in different locations. The variety of business units and the geographical spread in which Cargill is involved provides the ongoing opportunities for employees’ career development and early job responsibility.

Performance Management

Performance Management is a framework through which individual and organizational goals are aligned and executed.

Performance Management is about creating a road map for individual success. Successful performance management helps create a culture where employees are highly engaged and consistently performing at their fullest potential. The result is a high performing organization giving us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.